Code of Conduct (CoC)

Actions a member should take to ensure good order and discipline is maintained:

  1. Act in a mature manner and remain courteous when dealing with others.
  2. Remind other members or guests when their behavior is against the CoC.
  3. Defer persistent problems with members or guests to a ranking officer.

The following discourteous, vulgar, inflammatory, or hostile actions will not be tolerated:

  1. Being disrespectful (in any form) towards our members and guests.
  2. Being disrespectful towards other units (in any form).
  3. Bigotry in any form (racial, sexist, gender, religious, cultural, etc).
  4. Referring insultingly to or personally attacking other individuals based on gender, race, religion, age, nation or any other characteristic or alignment regarding a group of individuals.
  5. Alluding to symbols or phrases of racial, ethnic, national, political, or religious hatred.
  6. Threatening other players or engaging in insults, accusations, or negative behavior that references or involves real-life identities or personalities.
  7. Releasing personal or identifying information about another member for malicious intent.
  8. Engaging in intimidation tactics or aggravation of other individuals or groups of individuals is not permitted.

The following tactless, chaotic, or insubordinate actions will not be tolerated:

  1. Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior in the presence of guests from other units.
  2. Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior as a guest of another unit.
  3. Bad attitudes and truly unsportsmanlike conduct.
  4. Continuing to talk in a Discord channel when a drop is in progress.
  5. Disrespect toward any Officer.
  6. Insubordination toward any Officer.
  7. Undermining the authority of any Officer.

The following illicit, unsportsmanlike, or uncooperative actions will not be tolerated:

  1. Disregarding the rules and regulations of any game played while using CGBI assets.
  2. Knowingly hacking, cheating, or otherwise manipulating the game or gaming system.
  3. Disregarding the EULA, CoC, and/or ToU of any game while using CGBI assets.
  4. TKing, team wounding, unnecessary match quitting, text raging, and in-game assets (i.e. C-Bills, etc) exploitation.
  5. Exploiting game bugs or mechanics to gain any unfair advantages.
  6. Deliberately providing misinformation in-game to the enemy.
  7. Antagonizing, trolling, or baiting other units before, during, or after a game.
  8. Disrespect toward a DC.
  9. Disregarding the DC’s orders.
  10. Arguing with the DC during a game.
  11. The intentional lack of support to the team during a drop.

The following intolerant and disruptive actions will not be tolerated:

  1. Causing disruption to the team with repetitive unsportsmanlike behavior.
  2. Disrespect to our Clan's history, traditions, and organization within the BT universe.
  3. Blatant attacks on Ghost Bear ideology.  
  4. Naming and shaming the alleged misconduct of another individual.
  5. Sending communications for the purpose of causing unrest. 
  6. Making off topic posts that derail a discussion.
  7. Making insulting posts about other individuals.
  8. Communicating non-constructive comments. 
  9. Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
  10. Posting threads, content, or communications in areas that do not relate to the posts.
  11. Using various languages or codes in attempts to mask the nature of a violation. 

Available recourse:

  1. If a member believes they may have inadvertently violated the game developers’ rules, they should report it to an Officer as soon as possible.
  2. If you believe an Officer has acted inappropriately, and you cannot get satisfaction from that Officer, then you may escalate your concern, following the chain of command.
  3. If you have a disagreement with another member or guest you should work out the issue in a Private Channel or via PM.
  4. If you cannot work out the disagreement with another member or guest, you should report the issue to an officer.
  5. An Officer may settle disagreements between members or guests by sponsoring a Circle of Equals (CoE).
  6. All issues may be elevated to a hearing before the Community Leadership for resolution. 
  7. A Trial of Grievance is reserved for serious breaches of Good Order and Discipline. The ToG should never be undertaken lightly for the consequence of the ToG could be the banishment (a virtual death) to the loser of the trial.